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Our Ethos


The Burger Joint – Great Service

We are committed to excellence in all that we do – our food, first and foremost, but also our customer service and our commitment to the community and environment. We want to produce the best quality burgers in Bristol so quality and value are our bylines. We want to provide meals of the highest quality for the lowest possible price. Of the many accolades that we have received, one that summarises our commitment to excellence was provided in a review in Food Magazine:

“Don’t be fooled by The Burger Joint title, these guys are good at other things too … Everything here is of excellence … Quite possibly the best burgers in the land…”

Everything is prepared fresh on our premises every day – not just your burgers, but the sauces, sides, toppings and salads that go with them. We hand cut our chips. Some things we do buy in – like our ice cream from Ashton Farms – but we only do that when we are convinced that what we buy is of such high quality we could not do better.


At The Burger Joint, we strive to provide the best quality food at the best value prices. We don’t cut corners to achieve value and we source locally wherever possible. Good food has more flavour – and that’s important. Fresh locally baked breads, freshly delivered meats and vegetables and ingredients chosen carefully for their taste may not always be the cheapest available but The Burger Joint will always remain the best value for the food we serve.

Just compare our prices with other local restaurants – they speak for themselves. As an example, a cheeseburger and chips costs just £11.85 at The Burger Joint, which is cheaper than almost every other comparable burger restaurant in Bristol.

Our Prices
The Burger Joint – Cheeseburger Meal


The Burger Joint – Sides

We know just how difficult it can be to find a menu that will satisfy everyone. Our unique ‘build a burger’ menu means that a group with widely differing tastes can get just what they want. One of you a veggie and the other a carnivore? No problem. Love chilli but hate onions? You choose. On a diet and want a salad instead of bun? Your choice. Got an allergy or intolerance? Talk to us about our menu and we’ll try to accommodate you. In addition, we have worked hard taste-testing our vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options to make sure that everyone can enjoy good tasting food.

You never need to have the same burger combo twice – one of our mathematician customers has calculated that you can have 78,912,800 different combinations of burger, toppings, sauces and sides!

Our Menu


This is the buzz word at the moment for restaurants – but we’ve been committed to sourcing local, and supporting local businesses, since we set up in 2009. We have excellent relationships with our suppliers and it’s really important to us that we continue to use only produce of the highest quality that is locally sourced and whose provenance is guaranteed. Our bread comes from artisan local bakers Hobbs House and is delivered fresh every day. We get all our meat from Ruby & White. We try to make virtually everything in house but occasionally we’ll choose to buy food from suppliers we trust, when we think that they do a better job than we can! Our ice cream from Ashton Farms is a good example!

We even try to source local beer – and our craft beers from Bristol Beer Factory are ever-popular with our customers.

Our Suppliers
Premium burgers, delivered within Bristol



We care passionately about the environment and have always wanted to ensure that our restaurants have a low carbon footprint. All of our takeaway packaging is biodegradable or recyclable and we use biodegradable straws and only serve them when they are requested by customers (apart from milkshakes). We also work hard with our waste company to ensure only the minimum amount of waste ends up in landfill. Although our food wastage is minimal, the small amount created is collected and used to generate electricity.

Of course meat consumption (especially Beef) can have negative environmental impacts. However because of the wide variety of other options we offer, less than half of all the burgers we sell are beef and over 30% are vegetarian or vegan. All the meat burgers we sell are sourced from local farms through our butchers so the food miles are minimal.

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