A few changes as we move to step 4!

A few changes as we move to step 4!

As you all know, 19th July was ‘freedom day’ where all covid restrictions supposedly ended. Despite the fact that we have been longing for this day since we were first told to close 16 months ago, with covid rates still as high as they are, we think it would be irresponsible of us to just go completely back to normal. Therefore we have decided a phased approach to the easing of restrictions is the best course of action. So we have introduced the following changes or maintained the current practices:

All front of house staff will continue to wear face masks. We do kindly ask for customers to do the same when moving around the restaurant.

We have added a couple of tables inside of each restaurant but have ensured there is reasonable distance between each one.

We are encouraging customers to not come up to the bar and allow us to serve you at your table.

We are still displaying the track and trace QR code at both restaurants, although you are not obliged to sign in.

Automatic hand sanitiser dispensers are still placed at the entrance of both restaurants.

We will continue (for now) to not leave cutlery and condiments on tables and these will be given after customers have ordered.

All of our extra stringent cleaning practices remain in place.

Fingers crossed rates will start reducing soon and we’ll be able to get closer to normal in the next few weeks. But for now we hope you all understand our viewpoint and respect our policies.