Why sell burgers in Bristol?

Why sell burgers in Bristol?

Burgers in Bristol – and exclusive insight. Our owner Dan gave a (relatively rare) interview to Bristol365 last week to explain why he started The Burger Joint in 2009.

Burgers in Bristol – why?

Starting up a burger restaurant in Bristol was something Dan had wanted to do for years; the opportunity arose and he took the plunge. Since then, he has witnessed the rise in popularity of burgers, evidenced by the springing up of over 30 burger competitors in Bristol alone. No one makes burgers like TBJ though. The menu gives an amazing choice of flavours and combinations, with a growing leaning towards gluten-free food and providing choices for vegetarians and vegans.

Sourcing fresh food isn’t difficult in Bristol – Ruby & White butchers are opposite and freshly grown produce is delivered every day, along with daily baked bread rolls.

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