Most popular burger place in Bristol

Most popular burger place in Bristol

SO where’s the most popular burger place in Bristol? The Bristol Post thinks it’s The Burger Joint – and so do we!

Read the review for more details of their experience at our recent launch of the new menu.  The reviewer tried out our new beetroot and feta burger – which was a big success. We’ve seen an explosion of interest in vegetarian and vegan options so we’ve added new burgers, new toppings, sauces and sides to tempt those discerning diners into what they may have thought was a carniverous burger place.

Served in a soft and fluffy glazed brioche bun, this dark red-hued burger is made from grated beetroot and crumbled feta cheese, with a few added seasonings and herbs including basil. It was a revelation – earthy, sweet, salty, herby and surprisingly juicy for a patty that contained no animal fat.

Veggie burgers are often disappointingly dry and claggy, with the eating qualities of chewing a pair of wellies but this animal-free patty was a different beast.

The suggested combination of roasted peppers, jalapeños and sour cream worked a treat – the fieriness of the chillies tempered by the cool sour cream. It arrived with a mound of crisp, greaseless fries with a crisp crunch