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Welcome to the burger joint

Since opening in August 2009, the burger joint has earned a reputation for selling the best burgers in Bristol.

We are unique in our combination of quality and value. We´re serious about food, and want everything here to be the highest standard and best quality – burgers, sides, salads or drinks. We´re convinced that you´ll agree that the quality and value are outstanding. Others clearly agree – over the 3 years we have had some outstanding reviews and have consistently been among Tripadvisor´s top-rated restaurants in Bristol (including, from time to time, No 1). And now we have been judged Bristol's top burger restaurant in the Bristol Good Food Awards.  Click here to see some of the reviews

Whether you dine in our licensed restaurant, or take your food away, we can guarantee you an outstanding experience.


Our new restaurant in North Street Bedminster will open on MONDAY 12 MAY. During the previous week we will test all our systems by offering FREE MEALS to 400 lucky people. Click here to participate in the free meals draw.


Voting has now ended for the Bristol Good Food awards, which we we won in 2013, and for hich we have been nominated again in 2014. It's probably too much to hope they will give it to us twice running, but thanks to all those who voted for us and ensured our nomination!


Thanks to George Osborne for putting gourmet burgers in the headlines; and thanks to the Daily Telegraph for identifying the 10 top burger restaurants in Britain - among them, yes, the burger joint!  Click here to see the article


And In its search for Britain's best burger, shortlist.com has tried 150 restaurants nationwide and described the burger joint's as "something approaching burger perfection".  Only 14 others matched our top rating.  Click  here to see more (review on April 19th).


And now the Week Magazine (26 July) listed the burger joint among the best 6 Burger Restaurants in Britain!  Only one of the others was outside London.

What others have said

  • Don´t be fooled by The Burger Joint title. Everything here is of excellence. Quite possibly the best burgers in the land.... Food Magazine
  • Probably the best burgers in Bristol, possibly the best in England, a statement that wed agree with more if the words probably and possibly were removed... IRC Independent Retailer of the Week
  • I can´t name a better burger in the city... Bristol Eating Adventures
  • There will always be demand for great burgers and the Burger Joint serves the best burgers in Bristol... Bristol culture
  • I really can´t recommend The Burger joint enough; The Burger Joint is definitely the best of its kind in our beloved Bristol... Canapes and cupcakes
  • Foodwise, The Burger Joint was a lot better [than the other restaurant in the review] and I would definitely go there again... Eatbigbristol
  • I challenge you to find a better burger venue... 24/7
  • The verdict was unanimous-we had probably just discovered the best burgers in Bristol... Bristol Foodie
  • When the gods invented burgers, this was what they had in mind... Venue magazine
  • I thought I would start with the best of the best. The Burger Joint on Cotham Hill... Abigail
  • Right now if I go to any other burger place I´ll wish I´d have gone to the burger joint instead... Somethingdoing
  • They are the best burgers around. [And] as brilliant as the burgers: the service... IRC Independent Retailer of the Week
  • "The next step for The Burger Joint must surely be to roll it out elsewhere in the region – and then really give the American chains a run for their money. It’s certainly good enough."... Mark Taylor, Bristol Evening News
  • The [sticky toffee pudding] was the perfect end to a perfect meal. So perfect in fact that we returned again next week for a friends birthday ... Foodnerd
  • Nothing is lacking here – it’s hard to imagine how they could improve. This is something approaching burger perfection. ***** ... Shortlist.com